There is an extremely aggressive confidence that is perfectly balanced out by the unmitigated elegance of his sterling blue eyes, when sharing the presence of Strizic.


“I want to create a music revolution. I want to make History.” – Bruno “Strizic”.


Hard work and dedication breathes its’ way through the immense output by The Croatian native, who has made a considerable mark on clubs throughout Europe, UK, Canada & the Asia-Pacific regions. Strizic settled within the bustling and ever-growing club-scene in Australia between 2013-2016, and his sole intent was on making a significant mark in his new country of residence.


An extreme dedication to his passion has seen Strizic hone his craft in various continents, playing for festival heavyweight’s such as Exit & Ultra (Europe), as well as clubs with vintage notoriety including Escape club (Amsterdam), DC-10 and Es Paradis (Ibiza), GSpot (Philippines), Tommy Africa’s (Canada), and Retro, 2 Lions, Hemingway and Galleon in motherland Croatia. Performing his supporting slots with effortless precision for Axwell, Roger Sanchez, Tiesto and Norman Doray, Strizic has become revered as a habitually preferred choice as warmup DJ for many venues globally.


Throughout the past 8 years, in addition to Strizic’s bustling international DJ career, he has managed to develop the “Subzero DJ Academy”. It is through this initiative that he intends on raising awareness to the young up-and-coming talent through Europe and Australia on the importance of perfecting your craft and remaining relevant in a more traditional sense.
Many of his students are now regularly playing throughout Australia, Miami and Europe. The DJ Academy has played a large part of the relevance that Strizic has enjoyed, and will be a driving force in his notoriety throughout the years to come as he aims to develop it further, moving from strength to strength in both Australia and Europe.


His podcast offering to the global dance community, “Oblivion”, explores every aspect of club culture to it’s full extent. Recognising his versatile background in all genre’s and sub-genre’s, “Oblivion” is designed to give the listener full scope of the journey, allowing fans to connect with Strizic whilst not in his ‘live’ presence.


The intangible energy and raw unique style is what will draw you to this character. The indignant aggressive electro house, big room uplifting progressive grooves, gritty bass lines and a creative mixing style is what you will keep you occupied and engaged throughout the whole offering, whether it be via podcast or live set.


Work ethic, hunger, passion and unrivalled talent sums up Strizic to his very core values.

🇭🇷 Sabbia Beach Club – Crikvenica CROATIA

🇭🇷 Palada Beach Club – Crikvenica CROATIA

🇭🇷 Goya Bar – Selce CROATIA

🇵🇹 Pulmantur – Madeira PORTUGAL

🇦🇬 Nomad Cruise – St. John’s ANTIGUA

🇲🇽 Thompson Club – Playa Del Carmen MEXICO

🇲🇽 Deck5 @ The Carmen – Playa Del Carmen MEXICO

🇲🇽 Palm at Playa – Playa Del Carmen MEXICO

🇲🇽 Hangover Bar – Playa Del Carmen MEXICO

🇵🇪 Mama Africa – Cusco PERU

🇧🇷 Carnaval 2017 – Florianopolis BRAZIL

🇭🇷 Villa Club – Poreč CROATIA

🇭🇷 Phanas – Rijeka CROATIA

🇭🇷 Banja Beach Club – Senj CROATIA

🇹🇭 ARKbar Beach Club – Koh Samui THAILAND

🇹🇭 Insanity Nightclub – Bangkok THAILAND

🇦🇺 Stereosonic Official Launch Party (Sky & Lotus), Kitty Bar Brisbane AUSTRALIA

🇦🇺 Vintage Velvet, Lost Nightclub – Gold Coast AUSTRALIA

🇭🇷 Mystique – Rijeka CROATIA

🇭🇷 Travel2Ultra (Ultra Europe 2014) – Adriatic Sea CROATIA

🇭🇷 Sail2Ultra (Ultra Europe 2014), LBW, – Adriatic Sea CROATIA

🇭🇷 BONJ – Stari Grad CROATIA

🇭🇷 Cocktail Bar “Prvi Žal” – Lumbarda CROATIA

🇦🇺 FourDeep (Internet Video Broadcaster) – Gold Coast AUSTRALIA

🇦🇺 The Island of Sin (Easter, Australia Day, Halloween) – Gold Coast AUSTRALIA

🇦🇺 Hed Kandi Boat Cruise, Surfers Beer Garden – Gold Coast AUSTRALIA

🇵🇭 Parliament Super Disco, G Spot – Dapitan PHILIPPINES

🇭🇷 Sunset Beach – Njivice CROATIA

🇳🇿 Lenin, Code – Auckland NEW ZEALAND

🇦🇺 Mad E Bar – Sydney AUSTRALIA

🇨🇦 The Cellar, Ginger 62, J Lounge, Gossip, Tommy Africas – Vancouver CANADA

🇨🇦 Bump & Grind, L.E.D, Caprice, Oasis, Gorgomish – Vancouver CANADA

🇪🇸 Es Paradis, DC-10 – Ibiza SPAIN

🇧🇪 Bypass – Geneve BELGIUM

🇳🇱 Studio 80, Club Home, Twstd – Amsterdam NETHERLANDS

🇳🇱 Escape, Mansion, April’s Exit, Paradiso – Amsterdam NETHERLANDS

🇧🇪 Neon, Café d’Anvers – Antwerpen BELGIUM

🇧🇪 Cherry Moon – Brussels BELGIUM

🇦🇹 Volksgarten, Passage, Prater Dome – Wien AUSTRIA

🇭🇷 Kai Bar, Club Boa – Malinska CROATIA

🇭🇷 Jungle – Krk CROATIA

🇭🇷 Exit , Hacienda – Vodice CROATIA

🇭🇷 Temple, Monvi – Rovinj CROATIA

🇭🇷 Pirahna,, Gallery, Euphoria, Aquarius, Maccao – Zagreb CROATIA

🇭🇷 Seven, Monokini, Fun Academy – Opatija CROATIA

🇭🇷 Galleon, Villa Vranjes, Hemingway Bars – Opatija CROATIA

🇭🇷 Lord of the Pubs, Bazenbar, Retro – Crikvenica CROATIA

🇭🇷 Pommery, Tokyo Lounge Bar, Discordia, Tesla, Palach – Rijeka CROATIA

🇭🇷 Teuta, El Rio, 2 Lions, Acapulco, Nina 2 – Rijeka CROATIA

🇭🇷 La Chocolata, Saint & Sinner – Poreč CROATIA

🇸🇮 Ambasada Gavioli – Izola SLOVENIA

🇭🇷 Sax, Galleon, Yellow Mushroom, Kataka – Crikvenica CROATIA

🇦🇺 105.7 Radio Metro – Gold Coast AUSTRALIA

🇦🇺 The Kitty – Brisbane AUSTRALIA

🇭🇷 Travel2Ultra (Ultra Europe 2014) – Adriatic Sea CROATIA

🇭🇷 Sail2Ultra ( – Adriatic Sea CROATIA

🇭🇷 LBW Travel – Adriatic Sea CROATIA

🇦🇺 Surfers Paradise Beer Garden – Gold Coast AUSTRALIA

🇵🇭 Parliament – Dapitan PHILIPPINES

🇨🇦 J Lounge – Vancouver CANADA

🇨🇦 Oasis – Vancouver CANADA

🇳🇱 Escape – Amsterdam NETHERLANDS

🇭🇷 Kai Club – Malinska CROATIA

🇭🇷 Nina2 – Rijeka CROATIA

🇭🇷 Tokyo Lounge – Rijeka CROATIA

🇭🇷 2 Lions/Club Boa – Rijeka CROATIA

🇭🇷 Teuta – Rijeka CROATIA

🇭🇷 Hemingway – Opatija CROATIA

🇭🇷 Seven – Opatija CROATIA

🇭🇷 Villa Vranesh – Opatija CROATIA

🇭🇷 Retro – Crikvenica CROATIA

🇭🇷 Galleon – Crikvenica CROATIA

🇭🇷 Sax Club – Crikvenica CROATIA