Iguazu Falls Argentina – How to see it all in one day?

Have you ever visited an amazing location that was so big and you thought there is no way for you to see it all in one day? Read on as I’ve found a way to explore all of Iguazu Falls in one day!

In my last post I wrote about Florianopolis in Brazil. That was such an amazing place that I would definitely recommend to everyone. If you didn’t read the post on Florianopolis, click here to check it out!

Travel to Iguazu Falls

Just before leaving Florianopolis, we realised that it would be much more fun to travel to Iguazu Falls by bus instead of flying. Flying is obviously quick, but by bus you get to see much more.

We booked a bus from Florianopolis to Iguazu Falls, this is a very long drive so we didn’t just take any bus, we took the Catarinense bus with Leito seats, this means that the seats are so big and comfy you can recline them into a laying position and sleep well during your trip. This is a much cheaper option than flying, so if you ever decide to do this trip, be sure to consider this company as they have toilets on board and relatively good Wi-Fi. The drive lasted around 16 hours, and on the way we stopped in several random towns for short breaks, it was quite interesting to see all the villages on our trip through Brazil to the Argentinian border.

travel map florianopolis iguazu

Arrival to Iguazu Falls

When we arrived to Iguazu, or Foz do Iguazu as they call the Brazilian side, we had a Taxi driver waiting for us that turned out to be our guide for the next few days. We were staying on the Argentinian side of the falls so we had to cross the border. Have in mind that only certain taxi drivers can cross the border and take you to Argentina (they must have a licence to do that).

Border crossing from Brazil was really easy, no questions, just a stamp and you’re out in 5 minutes. Then you keep driving across the bridge over Parana river and reach the Argentina border which was a bit congested as they have higher security measures than Brazil so we had to wait for 30 or so minutes to go thru.

Once we arrived to Iguazu, we left our things at the hotel and immediately went to see the famous Iguazu Falls. It was around 9am and it was a beautiful hot day so it was a perfect day to see this marvel.


Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world, the 4th largest to be precise. It’s a large national park and we thought it would take us at least 2 days to see everything but luckily we found a quicker way to see everything! There are 2 sides of the falls as I mentioned before, one is Brazilian side which is much smaller and you can see it in an hour (people claim it will take you several hours). The Argentinian side which is massive and honestly the only one you need to see.

How to see everything in one day without having to backtrack to Brazil? Easy! As soon as you get to the park, get your entrance ticket and visit the full adventure booth where you will get a ticket that includes a jungle safari, jet boat ride up the river and a really intense shower literally under the falls. This is a great combo, it doesn’t cost too much and it’s definitely worth it.

After you purchase the ticket, head on to the small train that takes you to Devils Throat which is the largest waterfall and just looks so damn spectacular. Be sure to catch the train as otherwise you will have a very long walk, important to remember is not to miss the train as they depart every 40 minutes which in my opinion is pretty bad and can slow you down.

You reach the Devils Throat after a nice 20 minute walk over the river then gaze in amazement.

devils throat

The falls have 3 different walking paths giving tourists different views of the falls — Devils Throat, middle circuit and lower circuit. Leave the lower circuit for last as you will see them after the adventure tour.

Throughout the park you will see lots of cute Coaties running around, don’t try to cuddle them as they have sharp claws and can hurt you. Just get some awesome photos and go back to the train.


Take the train to the middle falls and take a lovely stroll through the rainforest and see other smaller but very impressive waterfalls and take in the views. It will take you around 30-45 minutes to see these falls.

middle circuit iguazu

Finally if you chose a good time for the Adventure tour, right after the middle falls you will be very close to the Adventure point where they will take you for a safari and your Iguazu shower. There is a nice food court there so you have a good place to recuperate.

Now the adventure tour begins and it’s around 2:30 PM. Honestly, the safari trip wasn’t too interesting, I expected to see Toucans, monkeys or something cool, but I only saw massive spiders and one Toucan so far away that I’d have needed binoculars to really appreciate it. Once you arrive at the jetty you’ll be given life vests and be taken up the river. It was awesome! Especially watching other boats speeding into the falls to get soaked — nerve-racking knowing you’re next. You will get literally under the waterfall and get completely soaked in seconds. Water is nice and warm so it’s ok and don’t worry about your belongings as you will receive a waterproof bag to store your stuff. Being under the falls is just amazing, great place to get some incredible photos.

boat pic iguazu

After that awesome boat ride, you will be dropped off on the lower waterfalls circuit. On the way up, you will get lots of incredible photo ops. I’d say the lower falls were my favourite.

lower circuit iguazu

And there you go, you’re done! It’s 5 PM and you’ve seen every single waterfall there, got soaked and got some insane photos. How many people can say that they’ve been under the 4th biggest waterfall in the world? Not many!

I’ve mentioned before that there is the Brazil side of the falls, after this experience there is no need to go to the Brazil side and see the same thing. You were under the falls, how much more do you need to see?

If you do decide to go see the Brazil side, right by the falls entrance you will find Parque das Aves which is a bird park. It’s an interesting place to visit if you want to get a photo of a Toucan up close, see the pink Flamingos and get a photo of you holding a Macaw.

toucan iguazu

I’m very much against animals being held in captivity and do not support this, I just wish I was informed of that before visiting the park. Nevertheless, it’s a nice experience with some great photo ops, cute souvenirs and an amazing Acai bowl spot in the middle of the park.

bruno and macaw

If you’re into crystals and such, there is a cool amethyst mine on the Argentina side where you can go in and see how they mine for crystals and make some amazing jewellery which can be purchased at their store.

wanda mine iguazu

And if you really want to spend money, just between the borders, you will find the best duty free shop I’ve seen – be sure to check it out.

We stayed in Iguazu for 2 days in total, there was no need to stay there for any longer.

Liz and Bruno Iguazu

Our next stop was Salta, a city close to the Bolivian border where we settled for several days to catch up on work and just rest before our long trip to the Uyuni Salt Flats. Again, we did this entire trip just by bus.

Be sure to read my next blog where I will write about the amazing town of Uyuni and the world largest Salt Flats!.

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